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hey! i heart huckabees too!

Hey all. I just joined the community but I've seen the movie a while ago. I just never thought about joining an LJ community about it :D

But yeah. It's such an awesome movie. I loved the poem Albert said at the beginning of the movie. And I thought it was cool how he was argueing with himself in his head hahaha. Because I guess we all sort of do that... sometimes... right? At least I do.

And I love that quote HOW AM I NOT MYSELF? and also for me it's like when you do something and somebody else is like "Whoa. That's so out of character for you to do that" (OK, they don't use that sentence structure exactly).. but it's like WHY NOT? If it's ME doing it, why can't it be my character. And then it gets me down about how we just become a "personality" instead of an actual person capable of doing different things.. it gets me down.

But yeah. It was a GRRRRRRREAT movie. I'm always telling people to watch it cos it's THAT great.
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Heh, I love that line so much that it's the title of my livejournal. ;)