Katie (sweets2thesweet) wrote in ihearthuckabees,

Hey, new.

Hello, how is everyone? :)

After much ado, my brother finally took the time to watch this grand movie. Much to my horror his opinion on the movie was "it was a thinly-veiled satire of how therapists/doctors/intellectuals babble a lot"..."people putting mud on themselves..that was making fun of these theories on life." Okay, so I understand that people have different opinions on movies, that we interpret them differently, but come on! I tried to no avail to explain that it was a sincere conversation dealing with actual life issues, nihilism vs. existentialism, or are they in concert, etc. What I am wondering is, am I the fool who does not realize it's making fun of weirdos like me who actually do consider these things in their mind?

What is worse is that he is an actor, who "knows" more about this movie-making deal than me. Therefore perhaps his view of the movie is correct. Thoughts?
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"Therefore perhaps his view of the movie is correct."

no, movies are subjective, and you should see them/take from them whatever you want. there are no "right" opinions, especially when concerning a movie like I Heart Huckabees.
I meant more, is that what the movie was "meant" to be. But yeah.
I think it's a culmination of both. At some points it pokes fun at the therapists/doctors/intellectuals and their babble. In other scenes it really is genuine and does deal with the whole nihilism vs. existentialism. It just does so in a fun way.
As for "making fun of these theories on life", I don't really see that anywhere in the film.

As it's been said before you are allowed difference of opinions, him being an actor has little to do with what he takes away from the movie, he may be able to see things you don't but in the end the writers and directors of a film are probably the only few who really understand what the film really is, other people can only guess.
NOOOOO. It is an existential comedy. Dealing with life issues, the meaning of life, etc.

The director took a lot of this meaning out of his own personal life and experiences. We are on the same page as him. Can't you feel it? I felt it. It's not making fun, it's FOR people like us.

Fucking critics. I think it was Ebert (?) who gave a similar analysis as your brother, and I say fuck that. He didn't get it, he didn't get it. He should just say so and stop pretending that it was somehow beneath him. Damn the man.

hey people, I'm buying this shit, so don't wake me! I totally believe everything is genuine. If anyone is satirized, I think it would be Jude and Naomi's characters (although you do also see them as genuine a lot), and the Christian family at dinner. Even then, I don't think it's malicious, but more of a way of pointing social truths out to us.