Scarlet Begnoias. (free_bird_01) wrote in ihearthuckabees,
Scarlet Begnoias.

Hello all!!

I fell in love the first time i saw this movie. It put everything i was thinking into perspective. This movie has evolved in my mind into something new everytime i see it. I saw it around the time it first came out in the movie theater (around the end of 2004), so it had alot of time to stew in my mind.

These werent entirely new concepts, but it really put me out of a minor existentialism depression :)

My english class is now introducing existentialism into my classes vocab (we're reading Kafka at the moment), so i suggested we watch parts of Huckabees as another mean of explaining what existentialism is (or attempting to).

I need some help picking out the "ideal" existential moment of the movie.
My thoughts are
-the ever so famous blanket scene
-the moment when we are introduced to the firefighter character (when he is having the crisis and yelling at the detectives)
-the french detective explaining life (one of the various scenes)
-the end of the movie (the fire scene) i want to avoid using this, just in case some people actually want to see the movie and i dont want to ruin it for them

I need your opinions
thank you!
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